Sébastien Bourdon (1616 - 1671)

Sébastien Bourdon wa a French Baroque painter of Baroque classicism. When he came to Rome in 1636 to study, he was encouraged by his great compatriot Claude Lorrain and strongly influenced by the works of Nicolas Poussin. Finally he had to leave Italy because of his Protestant faith and he returned to France. Because of the troubles there, he went soon to Sweden, where he became court painter to Queen Christina. He returned later to France after her abdication.

Like Poussin Bourdon was a supporter of the emerging Neo-classicism. Through more austere forms and colors they turned against the increasing opulence of the Baroque returning instead more to the models of the Renaissance.

A Scene from Roman History (c.1645)

The Finding of Moses (c.1650)

Moses and the Brazen Serpent (c.1653)

Augustus before the Tomb of Alexander c.1660