Charles-Joseph Natoire (1700-1777)

Charles-Joseph Natoire was a French Rococo painter. He studied with François Lemoyne. After 1721 he had won a prize at the Académie royale, which allowed him to go to Rome on a scholarship. In 1729 he returned to Paris where he became with his friend and rival François Boucher Rococo one of the most important painters of France.

Natoire especially decorated palaces with large paintings, frescoes and tapestries. Corresponding to the prevailing taste he used primarily motifs of the classical Greek mythology. Even though these works look

today completely bombastic and fantastic, then they were exactly to people imagined as history: A kind of Greek style paradise. Moreover, it should not be underestimated how strong the influence of this much-maligned art is still today.

Venus Demanding Arms from Vulcan for Aeneas (after 1732)

Venus and Cupido (1745)

Psyche at her Toilette (1745)